Authenticities Sri Lanka

Authenticities was conceptualised with the aim of introducing innovative and authentic experiences. We focused on creating a brand that emphasises on crafting experiences that inspire emotion and being a guide to portray Sri Lanka in all its magnificence. 

We aspire to go beyond typical tourist activities and integrate travel concepts to local lifestyles and cultural elements. This gives our clients the opportunity to engage and interact with our people, culture and heritage and experience Sri Lanka in a manner which is authentic and indigenous. Hence, it becomes important for us to unlock new avenues through experiential tourist encounters. 

As an island, we have identified each region of Sri Lanka to be unique and diverse through its culture, landscape, architecture, food and people.We represent a brand, which is vibrant and has evolved through careful deliberation on how we could introduce authentic experiences and emotion. So it isn’t a surprise that authenticity is at the heart of everything we do.

At Authenticities, we aim to curate experiences that are unique and original.  The element of “Design” is significant in our process as we propose and execute ideas in bringing a concept to life.



The key feature of Authenticities’s focus is not on selling holidays. It is based on creating travel experiences through elements of emotion. Our segments of clients are intellectual, mature and expect the little details and perfection. We believe that their choice of travel to Sri Lanka is based on their want to experience Sri Lanka in its raw form. Here is a closer look at how we choose to do so. 

Unique & Authentic
Each element of “emotion” needs to be unique yet authentic and motivating us to keep on discovering and introducing new experiences.

Discovery & Introspection 
We believe that self-discovery is the purest form of wanderlust. It is what makes travellers form their own version of meanings through discovery of unique culture and lifestyles. 

Engaging & Interactive
We want our clients to interact and engage with local people and communities in order to understand the underlying feelings and way of life. 

Surprising & Rewarding
The element of surprise is key. Through our meticulous profiling of your background and expectations, unique experience programmes that are a best fit to you.

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