Ventours International

Bhutan, Nepal, India & Tibet they all awaken a sense of the exotic – the blinding brightness of marigolds, the serene white of the Taj Mahal, the sound of temple bells in the middle of nowhere, the meditative silence of buddhist dzongs, gentle rivers, and warrior mountains. The colour kaleidoscope of these countries is a mass of beautiful contradictions. Over 30 years ago, a group of friends left one of India’s largest travel networks to become connoisseurs of a different east and the creators of a discerning traveller’s itinerary. They created Ventours International Travel, a luxury On-site/Destination Management Company, and today it’s one of the most respected travel companies in India. A journey with Ventours is bespoke and designed to your clients’desires.

A Ventours experience has no conventional guides – only partners in your journey of discovery. It is truly an experience that only a chosen few can give a chosen few. On a journey with us to the East, prepare for a raw, undiluted version. You will encounter kings, descendants of legends, men of learning and authenticity, everywhere you go. And even though you remain cocooned in luxury, you will know what life on the streets is like. You will come away knowing what makes the beautiful chaos of the East keep ticking. Whatever it is, your excursion through the Indian Subcontinent will be authentic, colourful and comfortable. No traveller’s itinerary is complete without having left a place a little better than when he found it.

At Ventours, we complete every itinerary by benefitting the have-nots that exist in our otherwise privileged worlds. Our contributions and aid go to one or many noble causes in each country we operate in. As a leading on-site/DMC in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet & Maldives we offer your clients the very best experiential tourist encounters. With our Ventours offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Udaipur, Varanasi and Jodhpur, plus long-term partner offices in Nepal, Bhutan & Tibet. In addition, keeping in mind the new definitions of luxury travel, Ventours’ Aviation fleet can also cater to private travel needs within the region.



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