Travel Advisors

We take a whole-hearted approach when working with luxury DMCs & on-sites to ensure the travel industry & their clients are inspired to travel to your destination and experience your unique & immersive products. We work as an extension to the DMC , their “face” in Australia & NZ.

We support the travel trade as a resource, ensuring they you have all information at hand to inspire & educate your clients, we are the starting point for itineraries & proposals for your client -email us with your questions or brief, call us for itinerary planning or to bounce off ideas before meeting with your clients or potential travellers so you “sound like an expert” on our destinations.

Our DMCs cc us on quotes and proposals when emailing you, so you always have a contact in Australia who is familiar with your clients itinerary. We provide support for Emergency Situations 24/7 – in today’s travel world, having a locally based representative is key when providing tactical support in a crisis.

Journeys Representation has in-depth knowledge of all of our properties, DMCs and destinations, allowing us to give you the best recommendations. We ensure you receive all proposals in a timely and efficient manner. 

We love exploring new destinations and niche travel options, and we fully understand that educating the trade is vital.  Whether one-on-one meetings, coffee clusters, office training or industry events, it is core to our role to educate & inspire you on our destinations and our clients.

Each of our DMCs run yearly dedicated FAM trips to our destinations. Our hotel partners welcome Self-FAMs. We want you to have an opportunity to experience our destinations for yourself, contact Journeys Representation for further details.

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